Patients denied treatment as NHS makes cutbacks

1 April, 2012
Patients denied treatment as NHS makes cutbacks

Nowadays, women are leaving having a child to later in life because maybe they had a career or they haven’t found the right man to start a family with. A lot of these women are under pressure to start a family at an early age, but more and more women are becoming the bread winners in their household, back in the day women were the housewives and men the breadwinners, and you wouldnt wait until you found your perfect soulmate, you just chose a man that was decent. But times have changed, equality has become more prevailant and rightly so, women are now starting careers and waiting until they have found the perfect mate so they can be truly happy so therefore delaying starting a family. Getting pregnant becomes harder for a woman when she gets older, as you get a drop off in success rates as you get older, and the decline gets steeper after 35. So, a lot of these women are needing assistance from IVF but the NHS have a cut off age of 39. So, anyone leaving it until a later age are having to find a hefty amount of cash to get pregnant and IVF still doesn’t guarantee success, the percentage is still low. Due to me being 42 and having to look into IVF myself, I paid a visit to the fertility department at the local hospital.

What infuriated me so much, is that the NHS are cutting costs across the board and IVF has been put on the same level as having a tattoo removal or cosmetic surgery and viewed as an act of kindness rather than a necessary treatment, so less and less women are able to get IVF for infertility on the NHS as they are leaving it later in life. What made matters worse for me is that over 70% (my estimation) of women sat in the waiting rooms with during my trips were not English, and also quite a few of them needed translators as they couldn’t speak a word of English (which the NHS had to pay for of course), and I was apologetically informed by the consultant that even if they weren’t from this country, they were under 39 and entitled to having IVF paid for by the NHS if they met the criteria. I mean… REALLY??

I have paid taxes all my working life (and a hefty amount at that), I don’t burden the NHS with anything as I exercise, eat healthy, keep myself in good condition and have respect for my body, and one of the only times I may need the NHS I get the door slammed in my face, although women who have not worked in this country and paid their fair share of government tax are getting treatment for free and not just for IVF, across the board procedures, when there are elderly people been turned down for treatment because they are too old!

As a result, UK couples desperate for children are having to go to private clinics and take out loans or re-mortgage their homes to cover the hefty fees. They are now been forced to go abroad for treatment because it is cheaper for treatments in countries like India, Mexico, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Poland and Ukraine than it is in the UK, ironic isn’t it! The women are coming from these countries to get treated for free on our NHS whilst UK women are going to their countries to have IVF and paying, as they can’t afford to have it done in this country, something is extremely wrong here. Not only that but the women are putting their health at risk to get pregnant in these countries as they won’t have the after care they would get if they had the treatment over here because the UK government isn’t looking after the UK tax payers, but its the risk you take when you desperately want to start a family.

This is most definitely not a racist slur, I am simply saying that there should be fairness, you pay UK government taxes like the rest of us, and you get NHS treatment. It’s surely not fair that someone can just come into the UK, not work and qualify for free treatment when there are so many people who have paid their share of taxes and cannot get any treatment because of the seemingly red tape in place for the UK tax payers. If your making cuts in the NHS then be more strict about giving treatment to people from other countries, who have never worked here and will probably never work here. For years the NHS has wasted money and it’s not the bureaucrats who suffer, but the most vulnerable groups of patients. This wouldn’t happen in any other country. Am I being unfair by saying this?

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