Movement Direction

I knew who I was this morning but I’ve changed a few times since then – Cathy Brown

Cathy also works as a movement and psychological director, she recently worked on both physical movement and emotional mindset with the main performer for an opera called “Women Box” at theatres in London, directed by Jennifer Walsh and performed by Laura Bowler.

As a former martial artist and professional fighter, Cathy knows the importance of the mindset when competing and this had to be reflected in Laura’s performance. Laura had to switch in between different mindsets during her opera/boxing performance from focused – warrior – angry – calm – peaceful – having clarity of mind whilst changing her physical performance to suit. Cathy’s role was not only to make sure Laura’s boxing skill was of the highest standard but using her extensive experience in the fighting world as a fighter, coach and a cognitive behaviour therapist, work intensely to make sure each mindset was achieved to suit the emotion needed for the diverse segments.

Cathy has worked on a movie called “Intergalactic Combat” as a fighter and worked on the choreography of her own fight scene. She did the movement direction, choreography and performed the boxing for a Music Video called “Champagne Dance” by Pay As You Go Cartel, which was a top 20 chart hit. Cathy has also worked on TV adverts with actresses to direct and choreograph their combat skill. Click on videos to watch examples.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw