I think Chisora should get a life ban from Boxing in the UK

1 March, 2012
I think Chisora should get a life ban from Boxing in the UK

As an ex pro boxer representing the UK in other countries, I understand fully the courtesy and respect you should have when visiting another country and how to behave when you are representing your country, even more so when you are a role model to the kids back in the UK. I hold the fact that I was representing our country close to my heart and with pride, so I always behaved in polite manner, and proved myself where it counted, in the ring!

So, the behaviour of Derek Chisora in Germany I think is totally unacceptable. Not only in his disrespect to Germany and the UK by wearing an English flag over his face like a ‘wannabe’ gangster or terrorist, but the fact that he slapped Vitali Klitschko in the face at the pre press conference, spat water in Wladimir Klitschko’s face in the ring before the fight and still tried to have a face off with Vitali after the fight, but his behaviour in the post press conference just went far and beyond inappropriate. Yes, I agree David Haye wound him up a treat by being at the conference, but David’s say was with Klitschko about having a future fight with him not Chisora, which is what boxers always do to raise PR profile for a fight so the audience becomes larger. But Chisora being the angry idiot he is, decided that he should get involved, aggressively walked towards David, took his jacket off and was in David’s face within a minute, and he was surprised that David hit him? Given, David should have dropped the bottle first but when you react to someone like that in your face, clarity isn’t always your friend.

I also know that you should never hit someone outside of the ring as it is against BBBof C rules of the representation of the licence you hold, but if another fighter like Chirosa is in your face, it’s just going to happen, maybe he was shocked as he has always got away with bad behaviour in the past, but someone needs to teach him that it’s not ok and you can’t get away with conducting yourself in this manner. He has got off with assault on a Police Officer, carrying an offensive weapon and beating up a woman in the past and has never had to do penance in anyway shape or form for these actions, all because he has the backing of someone with money ‘Frank Warren’. In my eyes Frank Warren is as bad as Chirosa as he is condoning his behaviour: writing a letter of commendation and representing Chirosa after he beat up his girlfriend, and if you watch you will see Warren smirk when this was all going on shows he actually finds this all amusing.

But one of the biggest happenings of that evening that upsets me most is when he publically stood up in front of all the press and media and said ‘I will shoot David Haye’, that in itself should get an instant ban, our society is overrun by gun crime at the moment and it’s a big problem, the government is struggling to get kids to stop thinking its ‘cool’ to own and gun and shoot someone, and this man is ‘supposed’ to be a role model for our children and he is condoning that it’s ok to threaten to shoot someone, its DIABOLICAL!

So should he be allowed to get away with this? He is a disgrace to boxing and a disgrace to the UK, The Klitschko brothes behaved like gentlemen and they even said “you may be from England but you are certainly not a gentleman”. I think the BBBofC should stick to their decision, no matter how much power Warren has in the boxing world.

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