Good health is not just exercise and diet, it is the mental attitude you have about yourself – Cathy Brown

In today’s world, everybody needs energy and stamina: power to make it through the day, to cope with everyday life:  job security, rigours of bringing up a family, monthly tyranny of rent or mortgage, a good diet is the answer.  And the word diet doesn’t mean going on a low calorie, low carbohydrate, low fat military regime and cutting out everything you love, diet simply means “the food that a person or animal usually consumes”, so a good diet means consuming high quality foods that are nutrility dense and full of vitamins and minerals. Eating good quality and the right food will give you energy and keep you healthy for life and sport.  A lot of people are confused of what are good foods and what are bad foods.

Which diet plan you follow is dependant on what a person is trying to achieve, if you are an athlete than a diet will include enough of the right calories to allow maximum performance for training and competition.  If the goal is staying fit for life, there are just a few simple rules that need to be adhered to; maybe just a small change in your diet may suffice.  Cathy works with individuals to find their goal and will create a nutritional guideline specific for you, whether you are an athlete needing to perform at the highest level and make weight to non athletes wanting to look good, oradvise on how best to eat if you have particular health issues.


Cathy had to watch her weight for years whilst she competed and had to monitor it closely, but she needed ultimate energy when she trained and competed, so had to eat enough of the right stuff at the right time to achieve this.  A lot of boxers are very overweight in between fights and when it came to competition they drop weight drastically, cutting out good nutrients on the approach to the fight, dropping water out their diet to dry out and sit in saunas the day before the fight.  Being punched in the head whilst severely dehydrated causes brain damage, this is why a lot of boxers have permanent damage, as they were dehydrated and had to ‘yo yo’ diet because they had piled on the pounds quickly in between fights, and never sustained a weight near to what they were scheduled to compete at. Cathy soon learned that a lot of trainers in the boxing industry were uneducated in nutrition and this was the wrong way to do it, so she studied nutrition, she ate well in between and coming up to fights, and kept near her fight weight at all times. She still maintains her weight years after retiring, and she is not on a ‘fad’ diet but still enjoys her life and eating.

A lot of celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way, so they cut out a lot of food groups in their diet, i.e. follow the ‘cabbage soup diet’, only to put on weight as soon as they start eating normal again.  WHY?  Because they drop weight too fast using unhealthy practices, instead of eating sensibly throughout the year and maintaining a sensible weight, with a diet full of variety, they cut everything out of their regime and ‘crash diet’.

Normally, getting ill in the process and that’s not even taking into account the long term effects.  A lot of money is spent on beauty products and services so the same respect should be given to your internal beauty, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t have to look after it, as in fact looking after what you put into your body will have a bigger effect long term.


A lot of people are under the impression that if they train really hard they can eat what they want: FALSE.  Training will not substitute for a bad diet; you have to work hand in hand with training and food to get the best results. Food is fuel to the body as petrol, oil and water are fuel to a car, and you need good fuel for best performance. For example, Cathy’s father felt he could eat biscuits and sweets everyday, for years and he never put on weight, and then when he hit his fifties, his weight jumped up the scales. Eventually he got type 11 diabetes, which then caused him to have a heart attack, and he wondered why.  You don’t realise how much damage you are doing to your internal organs by eating unhealthy, even if your not putting on weight, there a long term effects, no matter how young or old you are.

So, having advice on what to eat and when is essential, whether you are an athlete or just loving life. And it doesn’t mean you have to eat salads and soup everyday, all you would need to do is have a good balance.

You can alter your life by altering your thinking – Cathy Brown