Cathy is an ambassador for The Lotus Flower Charity on a Worldwide project called Boxing Sisters.

The Lotus Flower Charity are a non-profit that supports women and girls impacted by conflict and displacement. Their vision is to empower vulnerable women and girls so that they are safe, have opportunities to learn, given the tools to become financially independent and have the freedom to speak out.

During the 2014 conflict in Iraq with IS, a lot of women were exposed to rape, slavery, trafficking, forced marriage and sexual violence. Cathy visited the camps in Iraq in April to work with Yazidi children and women who have been through these atrocities. There are so many heart breaking stories, one of the girls she worked with was sold 6 times between the age of 7 and 10 to IS for sex and endured abuse that is not imaginable, she is unable to walk properly now! They have all seen unimaginable murder of their families and they have also lost their homes and education and now live in a camp in the mountains, which is 40 minutes away from the nearest town and they have nothing.

Cathy is hugely passionate about the powerful positive effects of boxing especially that it helped her through extremely hard times and to cope with childhood events. So, she stayed in Iraq for 10 days, in which her and her husband worked with as many children and women as possible to teach them boxing. They also ran Boxology┬« Courses (courses they run in the UK for sports coaches/personal trainers to teach them how to coach boxing – to 3 women so when they left they can teach boxing and carry on this effective therapy to the girls that need help, whilst also earning a living so they can feed their families. They are returning later in the year to take the project to other camps.

They are hoping to raise 120k so that we can keep 3 safe houses open, where the girls will have a secure place to feel protected and that they belong whilst learning and being educated for the future.

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